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Quranam Application

Everything you need to know

  • Before buying, you must log in to your account to provide after-sales service.

  • Creating or logging into a user account is free. which is confirmed by your mobile number.

  • After activating the user account, you can enter your details as you wish.

  • After completing the process, your information will be stored in accordance with the principles of confidentiality.

  • To participate in the top list, register and save your details correctly.

  • After buying or using the token, the payment will not be refunded under any circumstances.

  • The purchased token has no expiration date.

  • The missing gift token can be used in the specified time period.

  • If you do not use the application for a while, the system will send you a message.

  • If you see or have any problems, you can contact us through support channels.

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